Our Ministry

The vision of DGCC, to bring all men to the measure of stature of Christ is the focal point on which our activities and structures as church is built.     so that in all we do, our focus is geared that men increase in the knowledge of God and the fruits they bear, are fashioned likewise.

The church is therefore built into various arms and units in order to achieve this vision. Our beliefs, goals and the various functions form the basics of these groupings.


The Glory Institute can be likened to the Workshop and Training arm of the ministry. Here we are committed to teach, train and equip every member of DGCC for life and godliness. The arm as it trains also helps in establishment and grounding of its people.

The GI is divided into

The School of Ministry

School of Disciple

School of Word and Impartation and

School of Baptisms


Furthermore, for the purpose of ministry and ministering, the church is further divided into the 5 major arms. They are;

FAMILY LIFE AND RELATIONS                                                                                                                                                                     

We believe the family, as it is said is the bedrock of the society. What obtains in it is of utmost importance to what becomes of our society in which the church is part of. The influence of a family in a society cannot be over emphasized because this is the first place and contact where values are taught, imbibed and practiced. In DGCC, we are therefore committed to strengthen this life institution by teaching and strengthening the core values in the lives of every of our member through God’s word and its practical application in our everyday lives.

We also believe building Godly relationships amongst ourselves is key to fulfilling purpose and the kingdom mandate; hence we pay keen attention to this. Units within our family life arm are

God Heritage (Children’s church): It’s an Arm of DGCC that raises children to Christian maturity, we nurture and guide them to ensure that their hearts are constantly renewed with the word of God.

- The Transformers (Teenage Church):The Youth Church is focused on training and mentorship for teenagers in DGCC Peer group, Based on the Biblical Stronghold of Proverbs 22:6 (Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.) We believe that the quality of Gods truth received each Sunday impact the teenagers in every area of Life mainly to ensure that our training and mentorship goes beyond Sunday and church channeling their lives through righteousness and raising Giants.

DGCC Singles Fellowships: It is a Fellowship of young believers with Passion, Composure and Energy for God. It’s a place where Men and Women are built mind, body and spirit while they wait to fulfill God’s direction and intention for their lives. It’s a. forum of believer’s sharpening each other and life’s questions can be answered by the word of God.

The Couples Fellowship: It’s a transformation platform for Couples’ to do life together with other couples, the bible says Mathew 18:20, that it’s been God in our midst teaching us to prosper together.

God’s Treasures (DGCC Women Fellowship): A gathering of women on God’s assignment every day. God’s Treasures is committed to being a place and platform where God molds, grooms and equips us for Godly daily living. It’s also place where as women we fellowship with one another, our deep calling unto one another’s and where we see ourselves as each other’s miracle on the journey to fulfillment hence every meeting is a time to reach and be reached in the atmosphere of love and openness.