Marriage Academy


This arm of DGCC works essentially with Intending couples to build Strong Christian Homes, We hand-hold young people and teach them Christian characters that will enable each individual produce excellent fruit which will yield the necessary strength required for Good marriages and to empower them with divine insights and truth based on the word of God that will make their marriage strong and a breeding ground for leaders and giants.

We are confident that all our enrolled couples are our testimonials and are equipped to be future trainers.

The DGCC Marriage Academy is designed to take Enrolled couples through 2 majors Aspects of Training

DGCC Marriage Counselors:

These are Anointed Men and Women of God that deliver to you the word of Truth and also impact your lives through prayers and ministration to ensure that the seed of God’s word in the couple’s lives are delivered to good soil so that their fruits may abide forever.

Each New Enrollee will be counseled by Pastors and Ministers in DGCC throughout their enrollment Period which is usually 3-4 months

DGCC Marriage Mentors:

Mentors are trained to walk beside other couples to Establish, Rebuild & Grow marriages that work according to the original will of God.

Our Goals is to offer practical methods of coaching using real life personal experiences without imposing personal opinions nor judging others but with love and careful guidance show couples how marriage was originally designed to bless couples and children born to them as a Family unit.

We are dedicated to the Service of God and pray along with couples with scriptural guidance to achieve our aim.

We work with 3 groups of people in DGCC

  • Intending Couples
  • Couples having challenges
  • Good Couples that want to be better

(An enrolled Couple is assigned to a Mentors Couple through the enrollment period)

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