Dear Friend,
Thank you so much for stopping by.

We WELCOME  you to Divine Glory Christian Church (DGCC).

In this house, we enjoy God in the most refreshing way and it’s just amazing how His presence transforms and changes our lives into the best of God every time. We make boast of the Revelation in the word, Manifest Presence of God’s Spirit and the Miraculous which we enjoy in DGCC and it just keeps getting deeper and better continually.

If you seek a place where God is known and real, where the people are built daily into the measure of the fullness of Christ, then you’ve found the right place. In a short while, you also will share the testimony of a knowing God in a new and deeper way, your life transforming and testimonies abounding like never before.

There is a depth of information about us and what we stand for on this site, Please go through it, make the most of it and we would be looking forward to welcome you in church very soon.

God’s love and Ours.